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    About Us

    Native Pennsylvanian, Chaz Ortiz came to Savannah over 10 years ago. Being part of a large ethnic Puerto Rican family, reunions and get together were frequent, loud, a lot of fun and of course, completely based around the food being served. These events also meant a lot of storytelling while prepping and cooking to fill up the many food tables.

    This included everyone in the family, no matter what their ages were, and this exposed Chaz at a young age to the kitchen and its tools. Soon Chaz was bitten by the cooking bug, taking traditional family recipes and putting a new twist on them.

    The idea of a Food Truck delivering his Puerto Rican cuisine to customers, became more and more formalized. Chaz and his grandfather Doming Ortiz, purchased an old Frito Lay’s Potato Chips truck and, while working afternoons at Gulfstream, together they started working on revamping the truck into Chazitos Latin Cuisine Food Truck, which took them about 6 months to get accomplished. During that time, the business was in its infancy stages and serving amazing food out of a tent on River Street and Forsyth Park for various festivals.

    Even before the City of Savannah and Chatham County passed the current food truck laws, Chaz and his family were scouting for every opportunity to put the truck into action. Soon they were serving his authentic yet innovative Puerto Rican food, such as delicious empanadas (event low country boil stuffed ones specific to our area), sweet and crunchy plantains, flavorful pulled pork dishes, meaty Cuban sandwiches and amazing varieties of rice options.