• Membership Quarterly Survey

    It is the intent that every four months the Hispanic Chamber will survey new members to get valuable information on how the Chamber has helped/served them and what suggestions they have to improve membership relations.
    Hispanic Chamber On-boarding Follow up
    Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
    Has a Chamber Ambassador contacted you within 72 hours of joining the Chamber?
    Did you receive your Welcome Packet within 5 days of paying membership?
    Would you consider joining any of our Industry Committees?
    Do you prefer your communications in Spanish?
    Do you consider yourself HIspanic? If so what country are you or your ancestry from?
    Select the one that most describe your situation.
    What day of the week would you be available for a Network Meet & Greet at your establisment?
    What day of the week you would most likely attend a Chamber function or event?
    Weekday - PM Weekday - AM Weekend - AM Weekend - PM
    Business Breakfast
    Meet & Greet
    Entrepreneurial Training
    Lunch and Learn
    Community Forums
    Gala Event
    Spanish Workshops
    Select the option that most likely fits your schedule.
    Please rank these issues in terms of importance for your business.
    Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
    Ability to secure credit
    Availability of an educated, motivated and qualified workforce
    Ease of licensing and permitting procedures
    Health care coverage and insurance rates
    Labor / business relations
    Economic development incentives
    Mandated minimum wage
    E-Verify Mandatory Requirements
    Business informatiion in Spanish
    EIDL - Disaster Assistance under CARES ACT
    Rank the issues in order of importance or relevance to your business. Categorize estos asuntos en orden de relevancia o de mayor importancia a su negocio.