• Chamber Initiatives

    Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Hispanic Business Initiative – This is a strategy that through partnership with national, state, county, and city educational and business development entities, will strive to provide quality bilingual and bi-cultural technical assistance to the Hispanic business community. SHBIF will also provide technical assistance free of charge to member Hispanic entrepreneurs and already established Hispanic-owned businesses through its one-on-one approach, and a variety of other business development programs.

    Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Opportunity Bulletin Board – This strategy will keep member businesses posted on federal, state, county, and city government bids for products and services needed. MSAVHCC will assist in the process of obtaining appropriate qualification documents and filling out forms, developing teaming agreements between businesses, and to improve any administrative deficiencies that may be preventing qualification to bid.

    Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund – This strategy will raise fundsfor yearly scholarships to Hispanic students already in a Business Administration track at accredited college or university in the target area. This strategy will also strive to provide funding for technical college training to individual business owners to improve knowledge, skills and experience requirements needed to increase the earning potential of their enterprise.

    Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Hispanic Heritage Parade – The primary purpose of the Hispanic Day Parade of Metropolitan Savannah is to host a parade inclusive of all people and communities. The parade will empower the community, and in particular Savannah area youth, by promoting civic pride and celebrating the history and contributions of Hispanics to the Western

    Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Fund – This fund will allow small short-term loans up to an amount specified by the Board to help small startup business obtain operating funds such as tools, license costs, pay for advertizing, utilities connection, etc.

    Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Sabor Latino en Savannah – A weekend full of delicious Latin-American cuisine sampling of local Hispanic owned restaurants, local grocery products and foodstuff from all across North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.